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Le Rouge et le Noir

This is a simple black skirt that I made to wear with a bit of everything. I already have a Little Black Dress so now I have a Little Black Skirt!

This outfit is fairly dressed up but the skirt also works as a more casual style. Maybe I should start making pictures with different combinations. I’ve seen a few blogs featuring “dress up/dress down” posts. Who’s in?

I almost always get comments when I dress in black and red. Is that a French thing? Or is it universal? I get asked if I’m Latino (seriously?), if I like tango, and other very stereotyped comments. I only ever think of the Stendhal classic Le Rouge et le Noir (apparently variously translated as Scarlet and BlackRed and BlackThe Red and the Black. What do you know it as?)

black skirt_10_2

The skirt is based on the July 2011 Bubble skirt pattern by Burda. I had been looking for that kind of skirt for a long time and this one is just perfect. I changed the pleats slightly and made two of them instead of one. I added black satin piping on the pocket seams and satin belt loops.

I would have liked it to be higher waisted as I mostly wear it with tops tucked into it. But I already took the sides in about 1/2″ on each side and I think it’s good enough. The pattern is actually cut on the hips so I may add a waist band next time.

skirt montage_2

…sorry about the terrible/lack of ironing. It really shows in the light…!

I also love the dress based on the same pattern. It is definitely on my (very long) to do list.

Do you have your little black dress/little black skirt?

Somehow when taking the pictures we thought the outfit matched a very Parisian car in the street so here’s a little bonus…

black skirt_2_2

Do I even match the street art colors (look far away in the top righ-hand corner)?! Hmm yeah I know it’s a little far fetched. But I just noticed it when uploading the picture!

black skirt_11_2

∞   Top Comptoir des Cotonniers   ∞

∞   Belt Comptoir des Cotonniers   ∞

∞   Boots La Scarpa   ∞

∞   Jewelry Fossil   ∞

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