Purple rain

Admittedly it was not a rainy day when we did the shooting but purple always makes me think of that Prince song which I love (I did not see the movie though – maybe that should be the next step…).

I made this sun dress last year for the holidays as I was going to the South of Spain during the summer. I really liked the bodice of New Look dress pattern #6699 but I wanted to experiment with something new by making a pleated skirt instead of the suggested skirts on the pattern.

purple dress_Pattern640

I put together E+J for the bodice pieces and cut a rectangle for the skirt to which I added the necessary space for 5 pleats on each side of the skirt at the front and 3 at the back.


What I found out the hard way is that the pleats made the skirt MUCH shorter once sewn and assembled with the top than anticipated. It’s lucky that I was mostly going to wear it in Spain over the summer holidays – there I just blended in perfectly. If you haven’t been to Spain, be prepared: most of the girls wear VERY short and VERY sexy dresses when they go out!

Honestly I have never worn this dress in Paris since… Could I get away with it in NYC in the summer? Besides its length I do like the shape of this dress, especially the beautifully gathered bodice.


The fabric is a bright purple cotton voile with very thin stripes. I lined the whole dress as it is quite see-through.


Maybe I can wear it to the beach on my next trip to Aruba or Porto Rico. Isn’t that where New Yorkers go looking for sun during the winter months?! Where are you going this winter?