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Sewing in the city

When I moved to New York a few weeks ago, I quickly realized I would have to get an American sewing machine to 1/ sustain my passion – or should I say my deep need – to sew, and 2/ keep my blog updated with new – NYC made – creations.

I’m a pretty old fashioned dress-maker and I tend to find that the older the machine the better! So like a true New Yorker I hit Craigslist and went searching for a second-hand machine. I was so excited when I came across the perfect deal that I went to pick up my new best friend the next day!


It’s a Singer 6217 model in perfect condition. After a few tests I can happily say it works great! My machine in Paris was a Toyota and I must admit I do like the Singer brand better. It feels like every detail has been considered from a sewer’s perspective and designed to make our life easier.

As you can see it is already being used and the next sewing project is on the way. Any idea what it is?

I’m already looking forward to having it finished, worn and photographed to show you!

4 thoughts on “Sewing in the city

  1. I still regret not bringing my mother’s Singer back from Australia after she died. I’ve never been really happy with my Elna. Husquavana is supposed to be an excellent brand as well. Happy sewing!

    1. Haha Rick I’m sorry to tell you that Husqvarna is Swedish 😉
      But I do appreciate your national pride. Don’t become American!!!

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