Sureau paisley dress “Made in NYC”

When I bought my NYC sewing machine I was very excited about trying it out and sewing my first “Made in NYC” garment.

I had brought a couple of patterns from Paris that I wanted to try out here from my beloved Deer and Doe brand. I started with the Sureau dress for which I used a paisley print cotton. The word Sureau in French actually means elderberry; don’t you think the tree next to me looks like it? I wish I had done it on purpose but to be honest it was mostly a great background!

Sureau paisley dress Made in NYC_5

As soon as I moved to NYC I went looking for fabric shops. Everyone directed me to the Garment District and especially Mood Designer Fabrics described as the best fabric store in the city (I will put together an article on buying fabric in NYC similar to the one I have about Paris in a little bit when I get more shopping experience here). Indeed it was and I walked out with the fabric I needed to make my new dress. The only challenge was asking for yards and inches which was a a little disturbing for the meter and centimeter-thinking French gal I am!

Sureau paisley dress Made in NYC_3Like all other Deer and Doe patterns it was a great cut. The brand indicates that its designs cater for rather curvy women with a C cup so I made a slight Small Bust Adjustment (SBA) to fit my B cup. I cut the dress in a size 36 except for the waist which I widened to a 38. It fits perfectly and was quick and easy to sew. Oh and I love my new sewing machine!

Sureau paisley dress Made in NYC_4

Unfortunately, New York has gotten pretty cold in the last couple of weeks and even the fall colors have morphed into a sad grey which I suspect will last a few months. So in the next picture is what I was actually wearing a couple of days ago when we shot the pictures. Not very mild huh?!

Sureau paisley dress Made in NYC_6

And this is what I am preparing to look like by Christmas when it will be really freezing… All I am missing now is a sleigh and reindeer so I can deliver my Christmas presents in three weeks time!

Sureau paisley dress Made in NYC_7

∞   Boots La Scarpa   ∞

∞   Parka Kenneth Cole   ∞

∞   Scarf and hat H&M   ∞


19 thoughts on “Sureau paisley dress “Made in NYC”

  1. Just commented on Burdastyle, but then I saw it on here all winterized with boots and a jacket and had to comment again. This styling of it looks great. The colours are just so rich and gorgeous!

    1. Merci beaucoup! C’est vrai que le modèle est assez simple et sans frous-frous donc je trouve aussi qu’il rend mieux avec un imprimé. Mais j’aimerais aussi le tenter en uni aussi pour un basique. A suivre!

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