Tartan skirt

When I held a fancy dress party a couple of years ago my roommate dressed up as a Highland dancer. He went to the Marché Saint Pierre to buy the necessary attire and proudly came home with a piece of red tartan fabric. I wish I had a photo of him in his dashing costume but unfortunately we’re still going through our huge picture archives!

I got really lucky when he said to me a few days after the party: “I won’t use this fabric again – or at least not for a very very long time – so if you want it it’s yours”. Yaaaayyyy!!!!

No I didn’t wear it as a kilt… I made a simple straight skirt with a yoke piece at the waist.


I still get asked how Scotish I am when I wear it (fashion sense anyone? This was SO in, back in 2012!) and I love that it creates such a statement.

Pattern_640The skirt is based on the Simplicity 4420 pattern. I made view B which I shortened by a few inches. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be on sale on the Simplicity website anymore (does that mean I own a vintage pattern???) but you can find it on eBay and other websites. The pattern is just a basic bias tiered skirt so I’m sure you can find many different designs from multiple pattern brands.

(Sorry about the very bad pattern design picture. I took a photo of the envelope with my phone and never thought I would need it for anything but my personal pattern library!)

Now here are just a few more pictures – I’m sure you can see just how much I love wearing this really simple skirt that I made in just a couple of hours.



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10 thoughts on “Tartan skirt

  1. dear lisa, love your blog -your in your element. i have bought an old peddle sewing machine as i grew up with one and learnt to sew on it. moreover these old machine have some fantastic features and i love all the drawers for organising a seamstress’s essentials. lots of love, alice.

    1. Thank you so much Alice! I’m really glad you enjoy it :-)
      Sounds like you’ve found a beautiful “new” machine – I love the old vintage ones!

  2. We bought an old pedal machine recently. I haven’t tested it yet but I think that only the belt needs replacing. I love the fact that they can sew through large thicknesses that new machines can’t usually deal with.

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